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SHARQIYAH, Luxury camping

Desert camping in style

It was a experience of a life time, me and my reporter colleague stayed in Desert nights camp in the Sharqiyah near Al Wasil town in Oman, for a story on this five star standard kind of camp in the middle of a desert, i personally feel sunrise was a great experience than the sunset, sea of clouds traveling low in dunes with the smooth breeze, when i was walking in the silken sand for a moment i felt that i am walking in the clouds.
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Plots, gardening in the city

This story was on gardens at homes in the city, while shooting at backyard after taking general shots, i was looking for some close of the leaf or some interesting shape of leaf shoot, i came across this big spider , it was quite close to the boundary wall, first i have taken few shots keeping wall in the background but it was quite boring, than i squeeze in between the wall and spider and added flowers for the colour.
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