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A way of life

Some other day i was shooting at the beach, sunset was not very intresting, so i start walking towards the boats where fishermen was gearing up for the evening fishing trip, beside some adults i found young boys preparing the nets and boats, after taking few shots i spoke to them in my broken arabic which i always do i mean i always interact with my subject asked about thier life and education, when i spoke to these boys they said they are brothers, when i asked about school they said they attend the school in the day, finish thier home works given by school teachers by afternoon and in the evening they go to the sea for fishing to support their family, i found it very intresting, than i have spoken to my deputy editor and given him the story idea for our The Week magazine he liked it and it not only carried in the The Week, later on it was carried in our annual publication Tribute 2008 issue.
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