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Inauguration and Stage 1 route Riyam Roundabout to the Fish Roundabout

About Tour Oman

The Tour of Oman 2010 is a monumental event being organized by the Muscat Municipality to celebrate the 40th year of the blessed Renaissance. It also aims to showcase Oman’s infrastructure and tourist attractions to the world. The Tour will draw international attention and will help promote foreign investment in Oman besides invigorating tourism, trade and economic activity

The six-day event is scheduled to begin 2 days after the Tour of Qatar. 16 of the 20 teams participating in the Tour de France will also participate in the Tour of Oman 2010. But unlike Qatar, the Tour of Oman will cover different types of terrain and will test the abilities and stamina of the participants to the maximum.

The Tour of Oman is part of the ongoing attempt to globalize cycling and will cover Muscat, Al Batinah region, Al Dhakaliya region and Al Dhahirah region. Hundreds and thousands of spectators are likely to witness the Tour which will cover a total of 687 kms across the country. Source : http://www.tourofoman.om/index.php

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